The difference between a logo and a brand


A logo and a brand, would you believe it, are two completely different things. However, they do branch off each other and work cohesively. Here's a quick overview on the differences between them both:

A logo

A logo is a simplified graphical element that consists of a name, a symbol and specified colours or trademarks. It is a quick visual representation of a company's brand or message. A logo is a tool to help communicate a brand and represent a company. 

A brand

A brand is the interactive elements produced to the market which identifies and differentiates the business, product or service. A brand encompasses the messaging, the communications, the visual design and experiences any individual has with the company. Essentially, a brand is the experience people have when they come in contact with a business. 

People often think that their logo needs to speak for the whole company.

"How will people know what we do with the simplicity of that logo"

The truth is, they won't. This is when your branding must come into play. Your brand must be  strong enough to create memorabilia for your logo for it to become instantly recognisable when standing alone. 

Take Nike for example. 


Everyone knows what this tick is, what it stands for and what it sells. That is because we see it every day; selling in stores, TV adverts, social media marketing campaigns etc. If you were to take away all the advertising, just looking at the tick, would you know what it sells?

Nike has created such a strong branding, therefore these days, the logo is instantly recognisable.


When combined, a well-planned logo and a brand strategy will help you effectively and efficiently reach your audience, communicate your message, your value, and benefits, and visually attract more attention.

Jessica Cussen