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If you know anything about business at all, you’ll know that the look and feel of a business is one of the most important things you will work on. Your brand is how people recognise, understand and remember you. 

Think of big names like Coca Cola, McDonalds, Apple and Microsoft, Facebook, and Visa. They are instantly recognisable by their branding alone. But even these mega companies constantly tweak their logos to keep them modern, fresh and appealing to their target audiences.

Just look at how the Google logo has changed over the years. Some of the changes are minor but they make a huge difference. 

So what happens when your current business look is a bit stale? You’ve got two options: rebrand or refresh.



In the past, most businesses would go for the rebrand. This involves a complete overhaul of your brand identity, creating a whole new look and personality for your business. It is often associated with a change in the industry, your target market or even new owners who want to stamp their own identity onto the business.

As you can see from the example below, Good Sparks Electrical went for the rebrand. They changed their colour palette, their font choices, and they changed how their business name was represented visually. 

They now have a modern, slick and simplified logo that has broad appeal but still says exactly who they are and what they do.

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The downside of a rebrand is that now you have to change every single piece of stationery, marketing material and other branding. This can be pretty time consuming and expensive but is necessary to maintain your professional image.

But maybe there’s a better option?


If you don’t feel that you need a complete rebrand, your best option is a refresh. This is an increasingly popular option for businesses that don’t need a total identity overhaul and are pretty happy with their current image.

The example of Terracorp Industries shown below demonstrates how a minor tweak to the image and font of the logo, can modernise the whole thing. You’ll notice a small but noticeable change to the colour palette that makes the logo more vibrant and impressive.

With a refresh, you can get away with using your old logo on your existing branded material for a little bit longer and do a gradual update over a period of a few months. You probably won’t want to take that long though, considering how beautiful your new logo looks!

Rebrand Refresh Examples-02.jpg


Stay ahead of your competitors and make sure you keep appealing to your target audience. A simple change in font can make all the difference.  

If you’re not sure what option is best for you and your business, get in touch and we’ll help talk you through it. We can provide you with a range of options and some great ideas to make sure your business continues to look modern and vibrant.

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